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Create Performance Task

READ Directions

You will be required to do the following:

  1. Student Workbook and AP Portfolio Description (pg9)

  2. AP College Board Rubric

  3. Fill out the Details Check-In Form


Samples - Look at samples from AP Web Site

Evaluate AP Samples

AP Scoring Guide from last year's samples

START to Design your own APP

Design Template

Create a Gdoc to keep track of design, code, backup & notes on incremental and iterative design. You may use this Gdoc Template.

Now code the APP in Code.org - be sure to keep notes in Gdoc

Once APP is done, use LOOM to record your video, be sure to make sure the APP is full view, no CODE showing.

Use Code.print to designate Algorithm (OVALs) and Abstraction (RECTANGLE)

Use the AP Portfolio Template for the write-up, can be found on the AP College Board Portfolio Page


UPLOAD all work to the AP College Board Portfolio Page


AND Upload all work HERE


How I will grade this AFTER YOU HIT SUBMIT FINAL on AP College Board Site

CREATE deliverable worksheet

Additional Links:

Create Template from AP Site

Official AP Create Portfolio Site