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Week 1 (11.5)
HTML Assignment Guide (Unit 1)
Lesson 1: Intro to HTML Notes
Lesson 2: Folder Structure & Lists
Lesson 3: Links and Images
W/TH Lab: HTML Lab (Make a favorites list)
       Turn in Favorites LAB HERE
Week 2 (11.12)
Lesson 4: Intro to the Div Tag
Lesson 5:  Intro to CSS
Lesson 6: Styling Images
Lesson 7: College Lab
       Turn in College LAB HERE
Week 3 (11.26)
Lesson 8: HTML Links/Maps
     Image map Zip File Download Here
Lesson 9: CSS and Navigation
Lesson 10: Tutorial Lab
      Turn in Tutorial Lab HERE
Demonstration QUIZ Rubric
sample templates CLICK HERE
Week 4 (12.3)
Lesson 1: Navigation Bar Take 2
Lesson 2: Forms
Lesson 3: HTML/CSS review
W/TH Lab: Turn in Review Lab HERE
Friday: Final Project Rubric , Deliverables , Sample PPT