Introduction to Computer Science S1


Intro to Computing

Unit 1

Learn about how computers work and web 2.0 tools. Learn about the problem-solving and the design process.Learn how to present and collaborate.

Computer Circuit Board Macro

It's all about Bits

Unit 2

Learn about binary numbers, hexadecimal numbers, web colors, and abstraction.

Security Surveillance


Unit 3

Learn about representing bits as data. Learn about collecting data, cleaning data, analyzing data and reporting data with Excel. & Sheets Learn about privacy.

Create Everyday Poster

Creativity & Graphic Design

Unit 4

Learn about image compression and editing. Learn basic Photoshop tools for the web. Learn about image types.

Graph on Computer

Web Design

Unit 5

Learn about HTML, CSS,and JavaScript using various tools. 


Semester 1 Final Project

Unit 6

With a partner, build a fully functional website for a local non-for profit and do so by documenting the entire SLDC life cycle.