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It's all about Binary Digits (BITS)

Assignment Guide 2 - It's all about Bits
It's all BITS: Binary to Decimal
                 Binary Numbers PPT , WS, Unplugged Homework
Longer BITS: Hexadecimal Numbers
                 WS , Unplugged Homework
 More Review: Number Conversion WS , Key
 Text BITS: ASCII to Binary
                Worksheet/Lab, Unplugged Homework
                Ethiopian Math Video Link 
Intro to Excel (Algorithms & Programming)
                 Intro PPT, Intermediate PPTWorksheet,
                Loan Amortization
                Stock Market Lab 1
                Grade Lab 2
Review for Unit Exam -Key
Turn in Assignments here:
Excel Lab 1 Stock Market
Excel Lab 2 Grade Sheet
All worksheets are due at the start of class