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The Internet Chapter 1

Unit 1 Chapter 1 Assignment Guide - click here 


U1L1 - Day 1 Worksheet

U1L1 - Day 2 Worksheet

U1L2/3 - Sending Binary Messages PPT,

                      Unplugged Binary WS1 & WS2

U1L4/5 -  Number conversion PPT,

                      Unplugged Number Systems WS 

U1L6 - Unplugged Web Colors - Hex Numbers  WS

                       Plugged Favicon 


                Unplugged: Encoding Text (ASCII) Worksheet

Review for Unit 1 Chapter 1 Exam

Additional Review Questions, Key

Latency versus Bandwidth Article

Unit exam is on 9.7 (evens) or 9.8 (odds)

Unit 1 Homework Turn in HERE:

 U1L1 Day 1: About Me Infographic
U1L1 Day 2: Self Driving Trucks Write-UP & Infographic

U1L2/3: Unplugged, turn in worksheets at start of class (SOC) 8.29

U1L4/5: Unplugged, turn in worksheet at SOC 

U1L6: Unplugged worksheet at SOC, turn in Favicon HERE

U1L7: Unplugged, turn in worksheet at SOC 9.5 (odd), 9.6 (even) 

End of Chapter Reading Assignment Instructions

Turn in Reading Assignment HERE