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Create Performance Task - Assignment Sheet

Create Description and Assignment Requirements


Create Rubric


Create Q & A


SDLC  Project Plan



1.  Create Grading Activity - Complete in  Google Doc

     Share the doc with me and rename it CreateGradingActivityAllLastNames

      This assignment will be graded.


Low Scoring Example


Medium Scoring Example


High Scoring Example


Create Commentary



2. Create Planning Document - Complete in Google Doc

      Be sure to hand draw out your screens with all user elements on the screen. 

      Be sure to name all user elements efficiently

      List all events that trigger the elements behavior

      How will you incorporate an array list (data), functions, variables, loops, random numbers?


3. Start coding using appLab



4. Complete the write-up using the APCSP Template 

      Template in Word

      Template in PDF



5. Final Submission: Click Here